I really hate tony Goldwyn dark grey eye having sexy ass …. Mother fucker just makes me sick with them damn mother fucking super man curls. Walking around here with that damn big dick walk .. kissing all over Olivia’s.. sitting there licking his lips like that shit is fucking funny -.- looking so damn sexy !!!!! Talking about some take off your clothes BITCH WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I WAS GONNA TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES FOR YOU ANYWAYS FUCK!!. TALKING ABOUT SOME DO.NOT.PUSH.ME ! FUCK YOU -.- sexy ass mother fucker urggg … Got me thinking things I shouldn’t be thinking about yet … GOT ME CHANGING MY DAMN PANTIES EVERY 30 SECONDS. -.- FUCK.YOU THINK THIS.IS

This post is posted on Sunday 10 February 2013.
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    Accuracy abound!
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    If this ain’t the God damn truth
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    the changing panties every 30 seconds is so fucking true. I have none left >,
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    "I was going to take off my clothes for you anyway"Really though
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    I cuss Tony out on the regular.
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    Yo… you are beyond ig’nant. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!!! And, for this… I follow.
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    Love it…LOL
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    Lmao. I love your rants
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