What is sorry going to do? Change what she did ? Is that going to change how hurt he is? If Fitz want a “I’m sorry” we would have been able to tell through the phone convo but fitz does not have time for that… You think he does not know what she is hurt? He knows and he wants her to be hurt .. feel the pain that he is feeling .. that’s why when she said I’m ruined his responce was “I don’t care” … At this point for fitz it is like fuck your feelings … I need to vent and tell you how I feel .. I need you to be quiet and let me take out my anger .. that’s all fitz wants ….. And I don’t want Olivia saying she is sorry because at the end of the day he deserves to be president …. But she did make a mistake by not telling him .. what does not kill you makes you stronger #soundsoffgladiators

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    I’m excited for 20 but I just am excited to know what Liv will do when she finds out Fitz had her followed.
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    That was poorly stated. What I meant was, Liv knows Fitz. she knows that I made a mistake is not sufficient. She knows...
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    You expect her to tell him something he wants to hear? … So you asking her to manipulate him? .. that would only make...
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    Ha! Look they both can’t be EMO! Fitz is the one wears his heart on his sleeve. However, Liv is just not one of those...
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    Sorry but no. He’s shutting her down because she’s giving him ZERO reasons not to. NONE. THe minute she starts saying...
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  8. yesjezebel said: Bam! Well said! Co-sign to all!
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    Yesssss to all of this here!!!!!!
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    Right. I don’t know why everyone thinks sorry is the cure all. They need a face to face conversation.